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About us

African Habitat Safaris and adventure is a Kenya based tour and travel Vacation Company skilled and experience planning, organizing and execution of all African destination trips. Most of our services are hand pick/ private tailor made safari trips that ranges from Africa safari Holiday, Africa budget safari, Africa small group joining safari trip, Africa Family Holidays, Africa Honeymoon safari adventure, Solo Travel safaris to Small group joining safari adventure. 

Our trip signature is a true reflection of our passion for Africa and the technology that connects us with all our esteemed clients round the globe. Our expertise is based on firsthand travel experience in every destination of our operation giving you the best of Africa Luxury Safari experience, the migration-safari, the Big 5 Safari encounters experience, Fly-in Safari experience, Africa-beach-holiday, Africa Self-Drive Holiday, Africa Adventure Travel, Luxury Train Travel, Africa Diving Holiday in Kenya and Zanzibar.

Others includes  Africa Golf Safari, Africa Spa Holiday, Eco-Travel in Africa, experience the African food-wine-holiday, gorilla-trekking in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, island-holiday, malaria-free-safaris, private-islands Holidays, Kenya Tanzania Private Islands, African Migration safaris, African safari accommodations, Luxury 4 x 4 safari packages to private chartered flights in Kenya and Tanzania.

We are 100% purely independent in all our services and only work with the best, tried-and-tested suppliers/agents  across the world. All of our African Safari Experts consultants and Private guides undergo regular traveling to help enhance their experience, intensive training to expand there know how and even quarterly interview to help us remain competitive and meet our customers’ expectations.

Our safari packages are very pocket friendly for both traveling within the tight budget to the extensive high end safari packages. Book your Tanzania Safari Holidays and Tanzania budget Safari tours with us and get to explore and experience Tanzania safari in style from Basic, Mid-range, Luxury, and Luxury Plus without breaking a bank.

African Habitat safari tour and adventures have offices in Kenya Nairobi handling all the safari tours from Nairobi, Our Kenya Mombasa office hands our Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour and packages from Mombasa beach Ndiani, Malindi among others

Our Uganda office is located in Uganda Kampala and mainly handles Uganda Wildlife safari tour and Gorilla trek adventures. Tanzania office is located in Arusha and very active in handling all our Tanzania safaris.

All these offices are run and managed by local tours and travel experts who do not only leave in these respective cities but born and raised here, have great love for nature and Wildlife. Skilled and experience in planning and organizing small group joining tours,  budget tours, mid range quality safari accommodation tours to Luxury Small Group Journeys in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

African Adventure Safari Tours through African habitat Safaris offers you an opportunity to travel, explore and discover the best of east African wildlife safari adventures with the finest, experience professional tour guides into the heart of the wildlife.

African Habitat Safaris walks with you on the exact African wildest steps you have never walked before in our Tanzania Safari Holidays packages from Budget Camping Safari, lodge Safari, Mount Meru Treks, Kilimanjaro treks on various Kilimanjaro climbing routes, Serengeti Plain for the Great Wildebeest Migration, Zanzibar Island for Luxury Beach Holidays and other Tanzania Safari destinations crossing over to Kenya for an amazing wildlife safari encounter and peoples culture giving you an exceptional African safari experience full of life, Highly pristine, less unspoiled, remarkable and exclusive wilderness you can ever imagine...

OUR Private SAFARI GUIDES give you the difference between normal Safari / Just another African Safari Adventure and a real lifetime adventure experience that has value for money and worth the time. Reliability and service quality and customers satisfaction is our supreme.

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